NO 5 01/02/2019

Sexy and romantic places to discover with your loved one. Sshh! It’s a secret ...
Sur un Arbre Perché Sur un Arbre Perché
“Darling, I’m going to take you for a stroll through the forest.” This small, romantic restaurant, located in a zen-style loft in the heart of Paris, is like a miniature outdoors complete with tree house (where you can also have dinner) and swings. On the menu: light, contemporary, fusion cuisine. And to really get him in the mood, head for “Le Nid,” an adjoining “nest” that offers relaxing shiatsu massages. Disconnect from the city so you can better connect with life and love; live in the moment and experience total relaxation. Isn’t life great?
Sur un Arbre Perché - 1, rue du Quatre Septembre,
75002 Paris.
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Les Écrits Polissons Les Écrits Polissons
Why not send him a sexy text? Done that already? Well then, surprise him with an erotic letter or perhaps a steamy novel in which you play the main leads; now that will be a real treat! That’s precisely what we’re offering at this writing workshop, held once a month over cocktails, in a boudoir-cum-pop-art style setting! Bring your partner and have even more fun finding the right words...
Bar le 153 - 153, rue Saint-Martin,
75003 Paris.
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Secret Square
Hôtel Amour
Located at the foot of Montmartre, this is the dream place for a few hours of escapism. Ideal for an illicit afternoon liaison or a one night escape from life’s daily grind. Start with a drink on the terrace, far from prying eyes, and round things off with an early morning coffee ... until your next assignation, this time at the Grand Amour hotel, in the neighbouring district.
 Hôtel Amour - 8, rue de Navarin,
75009 Paris
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