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Aubade is the ultimate Parisian luxury lingerie brand. For more than 60 years, we have been striving to help women to feel beautiful and unafraid to show their personality and sensuality. Drawing on our unparalleled corsetry know-how, we offer modern-day women lingerie with flawless cuts and fits, which wears well. Aware of the challenges that lie ahead, the brand has decided to take its action to the next level. Aubade has adopted a CSR approach based on two key elements: reducing our environmental impact and fighting for societal causes.

Key Figures

Aubade is committed to the future of the PLANET

For more than 60 years, our lingerie sets have been designed to last for much longer than just one season. Quality is one of the brand’s founding values. At Aubade, we cultivate excellence à la française, attaching great importance to defending and showcasing the artisans we work alongside. Calais lace workers and European embroiderers are the heirs of long-established corsetry know-how. We are extremely mindful about our choice of materials: all of our textile materials are OEKO-TEX® certified. We verify their origin, work with ethical suppliers and do not use materials derived from animals apart from silk to make our nightwear lines. Aubade has Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification which guarantees textiles recycled in line with environmental and social criteria, as well as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification for the organic fibres.

Recycled materials: reinvented materials, the height of elegance

To ensure our planet remains beautiful, we decided to take up a new challenge. With our lines in recycled materials, innovation and sustainable development go hand in hand. After swimwear and menswear, lingerie has become eco-friendly with 100% recycled main materials. Aubade aims to develop 50% of its collections with recycled materials by 2026. With polyamide yarns made from production offcuts and polyester yarns made from recycled waste, which are put back into production as part of a zero-waste approach.

Reduce our impact

Since 2019, we have set ourselves an ambitious objective: 0% destruction. In order to reduce our environmental impact, we have introduced a range of sustainable solutions. We promote the reuse of our prototypes and offcuts. Our unsold products are donated to charities:

  • Restos du coeur
  • Apprentis d'Auteuil
  • Du côté des femmes
  • Les Créateurs ont du Coeur
  • Espace Simone de Beauvoir (espace de défense et de promotion des droits des femmes)
  • Les Amis du Bercail
  • A production chain built on ethics

    As part of an ongoing commitment to responsibility, each of our manufacturer partners undergo an annual audit. This confirms their compliance with the ethical, social and environmental requirements of our CSR policy. Furthermore, our subcontractors must comply with the Calida Group’s code of conduct which guarantees safe and healthy working conditions for their employees.

    Our transparency ambition

    The traceability of the entire value chain is our priority. Fairly Made, a French start-up, is supporting us in this approach. Since summer 2023, our customers have been able to track the journey of our pieces by scanning a QR code on the label or the dedicated e-shop page. This give them open access to a traceability file which will provide information about suppliers at each stage in the manufacturing process. Since the autumn–winter 2023 collection, the Fairly Made file also indicate the carbon impact for all of our products.

    Aubade is committed to a more UNITED society

    Equality and the fight against discrimination

    We have made combating discrimination a key part of our corporate human resources management policy. By signing a diversity charter, we have demonstrated our commitment to cultural, ethical and social pluralism. We firmly believe that diversity is a source of enrichment, and promote equal opportunities. The steady increase in employee numbers underlines AUBADE’s excellent brand image.

    Women’s health

    Investing in women’s health was an obvious choice. We are engaged in the fight against breast cancer. AUBADE supports the charity Ruban Rose which raises awareness about the importance of early screening and helps fund research. Pink October is the focal point of this drive. During the month, we organise a prevention campaign and an AUBADE Paris team takes part in the Odysséa charity walk. We also donate 10% of our October sales of the Danse des Sens line in black and pink pulsion colors to Ruban Rose.
    To further confirm our commitment, in 2023 we also conceived, with the Ruban Rose association & Fauchon l'Hôtel Paris, an exclusive 100% pink menu to contribute to funding breast cancer research. For each Pink October Menu served, 10 euros were donated to the association.
    To financially support the Ruban Rose association, Aubade and Fauchon l'Hôtel Paris invited 10 renowned influencers to share a Pink Dinner in the Hotel's Jardin des Thés. In order to fund research, Aubade donated the planned remuneration for the influencers, amounting to 8,000 euros, as they agreed to attend the dinner free of charge.

    Aubade is committed to the FUTURE

    At Aubade, Corporate Social Responsibility is part of everyday life and always evolving. Every year, new measures are implemented to increase our positive impact. Our ambition: contribute, on our level, to building a sustainable, desirable future.