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Dare the red, fatal weapon

Red is the ultimate in passionate colours. It kindles desire and awakens the senses. The colour red is like a weapon of seduction.

Gala Red colour

This season, the Rosessence line takes on a bright, sensual red colour, like a weapon of seduction for romantic nights.

Luxurious French Red

The Art of Ink line showcases the art of tattooing with an intense, passionate red. Embroidery with shimmering lurex threads and dashes of pink highlights the luxurious details on the pieces.

Blood Red

This year, the swimwear collection boasts a bright and flamboyant orange-red colour. The La Baie des Vagues and Parfums d’Été lines are perfect for long, sunny days. Whether you prefer floral prints or solid tones, the red colours in the swimwear lines flatter your sun-kissed skin.

The Fiery Red selection Discover