NO 5 20/08/2018
From Paris with love
Super-sexy and romantic places to discover with your loved one. Shhh, it’s a secret…
Secret Square
Secret Square Welcome to Paris’ aphrodisiac restaurant and cabaret. While the menu is sure to titillate the senses, the show on the stage delivers just as much in terms of appetite: the sexy and glamorous striptease is a permanent item served just the way you like it.
 Secret Square : 27, avenue des Ternes, 75017 Paris. Tél. : www.secretsquare.fr
Le spa dans le noir Le spa dans le noir Although the very essence of massage suggests an art performed entirely by the hands, here all the senses are awakened. Surrounded by darkness, the effect of massage and its sensations are intensified tenfold, and an amazing feeling of relaxation and letting go is experienced. Better yet, the act of touch is radically different here: practised by visually impaired or blind therapists, the technique used is even more precise and memorable. We guarantee that you’ll want to prolong this moment spent together in the dark, a moment of total well-being and tactile communication.
Le Spa dans le noir : 65, rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris. Tél. :
Ohlala party Ohlala party What if you took body language a few steps further? This school hands you the keys through burlesque dancing and pin-up style striptease classes. Here you will learn all the secrets to being irresistible, letting you showcase your curves and charm - not just for others, but for your own pleasure too.
Restaurant Lapérouse Restaurant Lapérouse Baudelaire, Musset, Sand, Hugo, Proust and Colette, and many other famous lovers made this spot an unmissable destination. Over the centuries, it has become a landmark for romantic encounters with its hidden staircases and mirrors carved with the names of the most famous ‘cocottes’ (mistresses) of Paris. Lapérouse has remained the place to love… For love. It was here where Serge Gainsbourg seduced Jane Birkin: now it’s your turn to capture your man’s heart in an intimate salon filled with 18th century décor over langoustines or a scrumptious soufflé…
Restaurant Lapérouse - 51, quai des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris. Tél. :
Les larmes d'Eros Les larmes d'Eros You’ve been warned: this bookshop is sure to make your face flush with heat. Here, the books, photos, engravings, sculptures and paintings pay homage to erotic art in all of its forms. In entering this cabinet of sensual curiosities, the doors of an intimate, closed and confidential world are opened to you, one of love and sensuality in the most aesthetic sense of the word. For the mere pleasure of the eyes and the imagination.
 Les larmes d’Eros : 58, rue Amelot, 75011 Paris. Tél. :