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Inked onto the skin

Tattoos have featured all over the world for thousands of years. Whether they are for symbolic, religious or aesthetic reasons, tattoos are gradually becoming more widespread and are now inked onto the Aubade lingerie lines.

Red ink

Red suggests passion, love and rebirth. The luxurious Art of Ink line boasts the intense French red colour, ideal for being seductive or seduced.

Floral motif

Flowers symbolise many things: purity, protection and sensitivity. The embroidery on the Fleur de Tattoo line creates the illusion of a tattoo inked onto the skin itself.

Skin deep

Tattoos slide beneath the skin to blend as one with the body. The Icone colour of the Art of Ink line creates a refined tattoo effect. It showcases this art drawn onto the skin itself.

Black & White

Whilst one evokes melancholy and mystery, the other represents light and purity. Like complete opposites, these two colours are brought together to create an unbeatable pairing in the world of tattoos.

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