NO 6 01/02/2019
La vie en rose
Rose, this most gentle of colours and a symbol of both innocence and romance, takes centre stage in Aubade’s summer collection. Here we reveal all its secrets.
La vie en rose
Baby doll nightwear in sugary pink, blazing fuchsia for pin-up glamour and raspberry hues for gourmet enthusiasts. In sum, it sets the tone while remaining well hidden. Like a scoundrel playing hide-and-seek, it likes to manipulate our feelings and emotions.

After all, let’s not forget: a rose has thorns! But that’s also why we, as women, love it. It’s dangerous but, at the same time, soft and yielding - like us! From prim Swiss muslin and wild embroidered petals cannily positioned over transparent tulle; to a scattering of rural flowers wreaking havoc in a lacy, mesh rose garden, there’s something in this collection to excite all prospective gardeners! Rose is a wonderful flesh-coloured shade that cleverly embodies both fashion and beauty.

Available in multiple shades, it enhances all skin tones, elegantly highlighting the skin’s natural texture. What finer sight than a startling flash of pink under a red, khaki, blue or emerald dress, jumper or blouse? So view life through rose-tinted spectacles and think pink !