For its Valentine's Day 2024 collection, Aubade invites all lingerie lovers to savor a unique moment from sunset until nightfall. Immerse yourself in the essence of our collections: Rhythm of Desire, Vibes, Écrin Noir, Danse des Sens, Iconic Allure and Midnight Whisper.

Be captivated by the enticing world of our collections Rhythm of Desire, Iconic Allure and Vibes. These refined pieces are adorned with alluring and daring details, creating a genuine celebration of sensuality. Explore our selection of sexy lingerie, designed to enhance and flatter your silhouette effortlessly.

For an exceptional moment, choose exceptional lingerie. Balancing ultimate seduction with timeless elegance, precious lingerie is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Explore our selection of luxurious pieces featuring spectacular details from our Écrin Noir collection with its new Silk Heaven color.

Discover the allure of our Danse des Sens collection, featuring sensual and elegant lingerie in captivating shades of bright and irresistible red. As an essential color for Valentine's Day, red embodies seduction, romance, and femininity – making it the perfect choice for a day devoted to love.

Sexy and suggestive, Aubade's iconic Boîtes à Désir give free rein to the art of seduction. Playing with transparency and unveiling, these models, designed for allure, are adorned with modern details, creating a silhouette that is truly irresistible.

Choose our Midnight Whisper collection, blending timeless elegance with modernity in ultra-feminine shapes that are delightful to wear day and night. Blurring the lines between lingerie and ready-to-wear, it presents a silhouette that is undeniably seductive.

Explore our men's designs crafted to blend comfort, elegance, and masculine allure, inspired by our feminine collections. Perfect for an Aubade couple that enjoys both captivating and being captivated.