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Luxury lines

The Luxury lines are back this season. Between ultimate seduction and timeless elegance, Luxury is in the spotlight.

Soleil Nocturne

The ever-popular Soleil Nocturne line combines lace and embroidery to create stunning transparency.

Tattoo Effect

The line is inspired by the Mandala, synonymous with spiritual awakening in the world of tattooing. The luxurious ornamental embroidery hugs the forms.

Cœurs Enlacés

Inspired by the romantic serenades echoing around Opera halls, this collection is designed as carefully as a musical score. Velvet bands hug the figure and enhance the curves.

La Reine de la Nuit

Enchanting and mysterious, the Aubade woman adorns herself with sumptuous embroidery. The quintessence of exceptional lingerie, the ultra-luxury line is a promise of sensuality and bewitching moments.

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