Let Aubade be your coach for a sizzlingly carnal new year.

God save the queen !

Aubade strips away decorum, to offer sexy, bare panties, decorated with pearl beads on the buttocks!

Inspired by the libertine years!

When retro blends with Aubade’s light ideas, the Retro, sexy Boîtes à Désir (Box of Desires) is born.

Embroidered flowers on a daring transparent, Dotted Swiss, to excite your virtues as soon as night falls.

Undress me...

But not too fast... Some Boîtes à Désir (Box of Desires) seem to have been designed listening to Françoise Hardy.

Buttons that unbutton quickly, ties to un-knot, magnets to pull apart...

When the Box of Desires comes to life...

Do you speak Aubade? To learn it, go to the brand's sexy Instagram.

Over the last few days, sensually voluptuous videos have been unveiled, which showcase all the Boîtes à Désir (Box of Desires) sets. The body is accentuated by the photographer with an expert eye when it comes to femininity: Hervé Lewis!

With Aubade and its Boîtes à Désir (Box of Desires), this new year will be all about sex appeal and eroticism.