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Valentine’s Day: your best love story is you!

Let's start by taking a famous proverb and giving it a new twist for this romantic season: Love begins at home. It's just common sense that you have to love yourself in order to be loved.

All this is well and good, but how do we start to love ourselves? We can't say it enough: caring for yourself as a person is crucial. Not a pro when it comes to beauty?

Don't worry! Simply changing your hairstyle, putting on a dash of mascara or a quick dab of lipstick can make a big difference to your reflection in the mirror. The same goes for your body: your favourite outfit (yes, you're bound to have one) isn't there by chance. So put it on if you're feeling a bit down and take a look at yourself: that beautiful woman there, that's you! What about your sense of humour, intelligence, abilities, strengths and weaknesses?

Be kind to yourself.

Yes, you are entitled to make mistakes, and no, not everyone graduated from a top university...

Most importantly, go beyond what professionals call "limiting beliefs" (what you believe your faults or ineptitudes to be) and learn to see your strengths. Whether you are artistically talented or a good listener, write down everything that comes into your head: the list will be longer than you think.

At this point, you can begin to see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. This will gradually get bigger as time goes by and you start encouraging yourself every time you read your little list. And so begins a virtuous circle: little by little, you start to create a better, more fulfilling life for yourself. This inner peace naturally spills over: you will smile more, hold your head up high and feel more relaxed. You might even catch someone's eye, which could be the start of something wonderful...

Loving yourself in order to be loved? If learning to love yourself is all about you, maybe this is the gift the new "you" has in store for you...