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Lookbook Swimwear Spring-Summer 2022

Summer brings the promise of renewal, of Dolce Vita, of the pleasure of living and above all of a new bathing collection for this Spring-Summer 2022 season. The fabrics, mainly made of recycled fibres, bring softness and comfort.

Intense colours

The Ocean Cruise line is made up of an elegant colour palette that is both chic and classic. The line is structured and perfectly embodies the retro spirit thanks to its ultra-feminine drapes that further enhance the body. Made from recycled material, the line is adorned with a pretty gold ring detail.

Sparkling colours

The colour range of the Summer Fizz line mixes tonic orange and peaceful blue for an elegant and vintage result. Made of a comfortable structured fabric, the line is nicely underlined by a pearly buckle or a belt with a golden buckle.

Sexy prints

Plant, animal and floral inspired prints are the trend of the season. Modern and seductive, the Safari Sands line plays the card of the animal print inspired by the white tiger forming a contemporary and sensual line. The Deep Green Sea line is illustrated in an intense print evocative of the depths of the sea. Dressed with rings, plates and clasps, these bring a touch of brilliance to the pictorial print. A pretty, highly graphic plant print adorns the Harmonie d'été line, giving it a very modern feel.

Heavenly pieces

When leaving the water, the silhouette is wrapped in long dresses and slit skirts, ruffled pareos and printed tunics that play with transparency. The beachwear pieces of the Beach Paradise line are an essential complement to the beach and elegantly complete the beachwear lines.